Nicknamed Foxy - a name which harks back to his dad's day's in the police force - Simon is a man of utter intelligence and style. The lyrics he writes are sheer poetry - carefree, powerful and moving.

Simon attended Tudor Grange School in Solihull and then went on to become a journalist, working on the Birmingham Post & Mail, though he struggled to tolerate the insensitive lifestyle. His writing skills are apparent in everything he produces - the inspiration and hope is there for anyone who takes the time to listen to him.

He didn't leave home until he was 26 and he still claims that he would have loved to be a football commentator, in fact whilst on the dole, he used to play subbuteo endlessly, whilst commentating on it! - it would have been a shame to waste the greatest voice in retro British music as a commentator

One of his most treasured possessions is a Beatles watch, which features the titles to various Beatles songs instead of digits. Simon adores his large estate in Warwickshire, where he used to live with his boyfriend, brother Nicholas and brother's girlfriend, but he has recently moved to South London to be nearer his boyfriend Robertís Work. He can also do near perfect impressions of John Lennon and Frank Spencer.

Simon has also contributed backing vocals to albums by The Fine Young Cannibals (The Raw & The Cooked), Alison Moyet (Hoodoo, Essex), The Lightning Seeds (Jollification) & Paul Weller (Wild Wood). He also sang on the England World Cup song 'Top Of The World' in 1998, during the recordings, Mel B. asked Simon out. He unsurprisingly declined the offer.

Recently, he had a very narrow escape at the arms of a mental patient who had just Murdered, Simon appearing as a Witness in court to convict him. Simon is nearing his 40th Birthday but is still going strong, writing all the songs and completing a exhausting touring schedule, Long may it continue.


Simon Fowler

Date of Birth


Previous Bands

The Great Betrayal, The Fanatics

Biggest Influences

The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Stone Roses, The Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Neil Young, Free, Fairport Convention, Beach Boys



Marital Status

Lives with long term boyfriend, Robert


Simon Fowler