Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pierced, Vintage 1980s Fringe Multicolored Blue Yellow Red Hippie Chick Retro Kitsch Beaded Pierced Post Style Backs Dangle Earrings



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Glass tribalbeads tribalin tribalred, tribalyellow, tribalblue tribaland tribalsilver tribaldangle tribalin tribala tribalcute tribalfringe, tribalfor tribala tribalsassy tribalboho tribaleffect! tribalToo tribaladorable tribalfor tribalsummer!Earrings tribalmeasure tribal2.25" tribal(5.7cm) triballong, tribalthey tribalare tribalhung tribalfrom tribalpierced tribalpost tribalback tribalstuds.Excellent tribalcondition, tribalwith tribalno triballoose tribalor tribalmissing tribalbeads, tribalno tribalchips, tribalcracks, tribalbends, tribaldiscolouration, tribalor tribalother tribalsigns tribalof tribalwear.All tribalof tribalour tribalvintage tribaljewelry tribalis tribalcleaned tribalwith tribala tribalhospital-grade tribalvirucide, tribalwith tribalvirucidal, tribalbactericidal tribaland tribaldisinfectant tribalproperties.

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