Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beaded, Vintage 1980s Rainbow Bubble Beaded Cluster Shiny Fun Pink Blue Yellow Pierced Post Style Backs Drop Earrings



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A beadedbright beadedrainbow beadedof beadedcoated beadedpearlized beadedglass beadedbeads beadeddangle beadedfrom beadeda beadedshiny beadedbrass beadedtone beadedhoop!With beadedpink, beadedyellow, beadedorange, beadedblue, beadedpurple beadedand beadedgreen, beadedthese beadedare beadedso beadedfun!Earrings beadedmeasure beaded2" beadedlong, beadedwith beadedpierced beadedpost beadedbacks. beadedExcellent beadedcondition, beadedwith beadedno beadedchips, beadedcracks, beadedbends, beadedor beadedother beadedsigns beadedof beadedwear. beadedSlight beadednatural beadedpatina beadedto beadedbrass beadedfittings. beadedVintage beaded1980s.All beadedof beadedour beadedvintage beadedjewelry beadedis beadedcleaned beadedwith beadeda beadedhospital-grade beadedvirucide, beadedwith beadedvirucidal, beadedbactericidal beadedand beadeddisinfectant beadedproperties.

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