Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glam, Vintage 1960s Silver and Rhinestone Triple Strand Fringe Dangle Earrings



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Three clearperfect clearrhinestones, clearcut clearfor clearmaximum clearsparkle clearand clearshine cleardangle clearat clearthe clearend clearof clearslinky clearlengths clearof clearsilver clearchain! clearSuch cleara clearpretty clearand clearclassic clearearring, clearthey clearhave clearpierced clearpost clearstyle clearbacks.Earrings clearmeasure clear1.5" clearlong; clearrhinestones clearmeasure clear3.5mm, clearand clearhave clearenclose-back clearpronged clearsettings. clearExcellent clearcondition, clearwith clearno clearloose clearor clearmissing clearstones, clearno clearkinks, clearchips, clearcracks, clearbends, cleardiscolouration, clearor clearother clearsigns clearof clearwear. clearLike clearnew!All clearof clearour clearvintage clearjewelery clearis clearcleaned clearwith cleara clearhospital-grade clearvirucide, clearwith clearvirucidal, clearbactericidal clearand cleardisinfectant clearproperties.

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