Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

initial, Great Grandma Sterling Silver Necklace with Swarovski Crystals Birthstones - Customizable Mothers Day Gift Birthstone Necklace Wedding



In stock



Sterling momSilver momGrandma momnecklace momwith momSwarovski momCrystal momBirthstones. momWords momare momcustomizableHand momstamped momand momshined momjust momfor momyou!Perfect momfor momthe momspecial momGrandMom momin momyour momlife! momStamping momis momcustomizable.Great momfor momChristmas, momBirthday, mom"Just mombecause" momgift momfor moma momfriend momwho momhad momeverything! momGrandmas momwould momlove momto momhave moma momnecklace momwith momtheir momgrandchildren's mombirthstones! momMultiple momdisks momand momstones momcan mombe momadded momupon momyour momrequest. momPlease momsend momme moma momconvo momfor momdetails.17inch momsterling momsilver momchain6mm momSwarovski momcrystals3/4 mom mominch momsterling momsilver momdiskIn momyour momcomment momto momseller:1. momPick momyour mom mommonths momand momspecify momthem momin momthe momcomment momto momseller:JANUARY mom-- momSIAMFEBRUARY mom-- momAMETHYSTMARCH mom-- momAQUAMARINEAPRIL mom-- momCLEAR momCRYSTALMAY mom-- momEMERALDJUNE mom-- momLIGHT momAMETHYSTJULY mom-- momRUBYAUGUST mom-- momPERIDOTSEPTEMBER mom-- momSAPPHIREOCTOBER mom-- momROSENOVEMBER mom-- momTOPAZDECEMBER mom-- momBLUE momZIRCON momHeart momShaped momBeadFresh momwater mompearl2. momNecklace momcan mombe momcustomized momwith momup momto mom20 momcharacters. momIf momyou momwould momlike moma momdifferent momword momthan mom'grandma' momindicate momthe momexact momspelling.This momis moma momhand momstamped mompiece momand momevery mompiece momwill mombe momunique. momImperfections momare mompart momof momthe momcharm!Add momadditional mom1/2 mominch momdiskshttps://www./listing/101755317/add-a-hand-stamped-12-inch-sterling

1 shop reviews 5 out of 5 stars