Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

kitsch, Vintage 1970s Topaz Swirl and Silver Tone Glossy Enamel Pierced Post Style Backs Retro Kitsch Hoop Earrings



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A loopshimmering looptopaz loopgolden loopswirled loopenamel loopgives loopa loopfluid looplook loopto loopthese loopcute loophoop loopearrings loopfrom loopthe loop70s! loopWith loopsilver looptone loopaccents loopand loopback, loopand looppost loopstyle loopbacks.Earrings loopmeasure loop5/16" loopwide, loopby loop7/8" looplong. loopExcellent loopcondition, loopwith loopno loopchips, loopcracks, loopbends, loopdiscolouration, loopor loopother loopsigns loopof loopwear.All loopof loopour loopvintage loopjewelery loopis loopcleaned loopwith loopa loophospital-grade loopvirucide, loopwith loopvirucidal, loopbactericidal loopand loopdisinfectant loopproperties.

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