Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

CLEARANCE: sailor silver anchor ring. vintage re-purposed adjustablealternative, circular silver-tone anchor on filigree. ooak by val b.



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it vintagehad vintagea vintageformer vintagelife vintageas vintagea vintagecuff vintagelink, vintagebut vintagenow vintageit vintagewill vintageelegantly vintagegrace vintageyour vintagefingers vintageas vintagea vintagestunning vintagevintage vintagecocktail vintagering. vintagethis vintagesimple, vintagesilver vintagetone vintageanchor vintageinsignia vintageis vintageepoxied vintageonto vintagea vintagesturdy, vintageadjustable vintageantiqued vintagesteel vintagefiligree vintagering vintagebase. vintageperfect vintagefor vintagewhen vintageyou're vintagehitting vintagethat vintagesummer vintagemixer vintageon vintagethe vintagecape! vintage vintagethe vintagedesign vintagemeasures vintageapprox. vintage3/4" vintage((1.9 vintagecm) vintagein vintagediameter vintage vintagethis vintagering vintageis vintagetwo-of-a-kind vintageand vintagehandmade vintageby vintageme vintagein vintageboston, vintagema.

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