Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass, dichroic fish pendant etched necklace



In stock



dichroic jewelrypendant jewelryhand jewelryetched jewelrywith jewelrythe jewelryword jewelryfishing jewelryand jewelrythe jewelryimage jewelryof jewelrya jewelryfish jewelrybeneath jewelryit. jewelryThe jewelryglass jewelryresembles jewelrywater jewelrywith jewelryshades jewelryof jewelryblue jewelrygreen jewelryswirling jewelryin jewelryit. jewelryMeasures jewelry1 jewelry7/8" jewelryx jewelry1 jewelry3/8". jewelry jewelryChains jewelrycords jewelryand jewelrycables jewelryavailable jewelryupon jewelryrequest. jewelry\rAll jewelryitems jewelryare jewelrycreated jewelryin jewelrymy jewelryhome jewelrystudio jewelryto jewelrycreate jewelrya jewelrywearable jewelrywork jewelryof jewelryart jewelryfor jewelryyou jewelryto jewelrygive jewelryor jewelrytreasure jewelryforever.

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