Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rawhide, Phoenix Redux - PRICE DROP



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An chokeralchemy chokerof chokerrawhide, chokerbrass, chokersilver, chokerand chokerred choker= chokerPhoenix chokerchoker.\r\rFor chokerCustom chokerCreations:\rEveryone chokerhas chokerthat chokertreasured chokersingle chokerearring chokerthat chokershe chokercannot chokerthrow chokeraway, chokerthat chokerfavorite chokerpendant chokerthat chokeris chokermissing chokera chokerstone, chokercharms chokeror chokerbeads chokerthat chokerneed chokera chokerhome, chokeretc. chokerI chokercan chokercreate chokercustom chokerjewelry chokerusing chokerjust chokerabout chokeranything chokerfrom chokeryour chokertreasured chokerbut chokerno chokerlonger chokerwearable chokertrinkets chokerand chokerdoodads. chokerIf chokeryou chokerwould chokerlike chokerto chokerarrange chokerto chokerhave chokersomething chokerof chokeryour chokerown chokerre-invented, chokerfeel chokerfree chokerto chokerconvo chokerme!

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