Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

retro, CLEARANCE: anchor & aqua rose nautical chic necklace on brass plate by val b.



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a retroclassic retronautical retropiece retrofor retroevery retrogirl's retroinner retroseafarer! retroa retrobrass retroplated retrocharm retroand retromother-and-sons retrochain retroare retropaired retrowith retroa retrosweet retrolittle retroaqua retroblue retroresin retrorose. retrothe retronecklace retromeasures retroapprox retro18" retro(45.8 retrocm) retrolong retroand retrocan retrobe retroadjusted retroif retroyou retroconvo retrome.handmade retroby retrome retroin retrolimited retroquantity retroin retrothe retrobreathtaking retrosierra retromountains.

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