Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brass, Solid Brass Egyptian Scroll Coil Swirl Necklace With Black Onyx Wire Wrapped Pendant Handcrafted Metalwork



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Handcrafted snakeSolid snakeBrass snake& snakeBlack snakeOnyx snakeSwirl snakeEgyptian snakeScroll snakeCoil snakeSnake snakeNecklace snakeChokerThis snake snakenecklace snakeis snakevery snakeversatile, snakecan snakebe snakeworn snakehigh snakeon snakethe snakeneck snakeor snakelow snakeon snakethe snakechest. snakeAdjustable snakefrom snake18 snake1/2 snakeinches snaketo snake23 snake1/4 snakeinches snakelong snakex snake1 snakeinch snakewide. snakeThe snakeonyx snakependant snakemeasures snake1 snake1/4 snakeinches snakex snake1 snake snakeinch....Can snakebe snakeshortened snakeon snakerequest.To snakeview snakeall snakemy snakeitems: snakehttp://www./shop/TwistsOnWire

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