Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

country, Vintage 1980s Cowboy Hat Yahoo Oohay Shiny Silver Tone Pierced Post Style Backs Stud Earrings



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These silvercute silvercowboy silverhat silverearrings silverare silverperfect silverfor silverthe silverrodeo! silverPerfect silverfor silveryour silvercountry silversweetheart silveror silvercowtown silvergal!Earrings silvermeasure silver5/8" silveracross, silverby silver3/8" silverlong, silverwith silversurgical silverpost silverbacks. silverExcellent silvercondition, silveras silvernew, silverwith silverno silverchips, silvercracks, silverbends, silverdiscolouration silveror silverother silversigns silverof silverwear. silverVintage silver1980s.All silverof silverour silvervintage silverjewelery silveris silvercleaned silverwith silvera silverhospital-grade silvervirucide, silverwith silvervirucidal, silverbactericidal silverand silverdisinfectant silverproperties.

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