Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

space, Hand Blown Glass Universe Butterfly Pendant



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Size glassis glassapproximately glass3/4" glassto glass1" glasswide\r\rPendant glasscomes glasswith glassfree glassblack glasssatin glasscord!\r\rMade glassof glassBorosilicate glassGlass\r\rThis glassintricate glasslampwork glassbutterfly glasspendant glasssometimes glassmakes glasspeople glassthink glassthat glassa glassreal glassbutterfly glassis glasstrapped glassinside glassthe glassglass! glassIn glassreality glassI glasscrafted glassit glasscompletely glassout glassof glassclear glassand glasscolored glassglass. glassI glassuse glasspure glass.999% glasssilver glassto glasscreate glassthe glassstarry glassuniverse glassbackground. glassI glassround glassout glassthe glassfront glassto glassachieve glassa glasslens-like glasseffect glassthat glassmakes glassthe glassbutterfly glassand glassuniverse glassbackground glasslook glassincredibly glassthree glassdimensional. glass\r\rPlease glassnote glassthat glassyou glasswill glassnot glassreceive glassthe glassexact glassitem glasspictured, glassbut glassa glassunique glasspiece glassvery glasssimilar glassto glassit glassand glassjust glassas glassbeautiful.

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