Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

New York Cuffsilver cuff, NYC Cuffsilver cuff, Brass Cuffsilver cuff, Etched Cuff Braceletsilver cuff, Original Art - MANHATTAN NEIGHBORHOODS - 3 Colors Available



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\u25baBrass etched cuffCuffs etched cuffat etched cuffhttp://www.urbanrose.\u25c4::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MEASUREMENTS: etched cuff1 etched cuff\u00be etched cuffinches etched cuffwideQUANTITY: etched cuff1 etched cuffcuff etched cuffbraceletMATERIAL: etched cuffBrass etched cuffFINISH: etched cuffAntique etched cuffSilver, etched cuffNatural etched cuffSatin etched cuffBrassNOTE: etched cuffANTIQUE etched cuffSILVER etched cuffOUT etched cuffOF etched cuffSTOCKUnlike etched cuffmost etched cuffstreet etched cuffmap etched cuffcuffs, etched cuffthis etched cuffcuff etched cuffshows etched cuffNYC etched cuffby etched cuffit's etched cuffneighborhood etched cuffname, etched cuffsuch etched cuffas etched cuffSoHo, etched cuffChelsea etched cuff& etched cuffTribeca. etched cuffThis etched cuffis etched cuffan etched cuffUrbanrose etched cuffOriginal etched cuffDesign etched cuffwhich etched cuffyou etched cuffwon't etched cufffind etched cuffanywhere etched cuffelse.Acid etched cuffetched etched cuffcuff etched cuffbracelet etched cuffwith etched cuffa etched cuffmap etched cuffof etched cuffNew etched cuffYork etched cuffCity's etched cuffnamed etched cuffneighborhoods. etched cuffThis etched cuffcuff etched cuffhas etched cuffbeen etched cuffprofessionally etched cufffinished etched cuffin etched cuffan etched cuffantique etched cuffsilver etched cufffinish etched cuffwith etched cuffblackened etched cuffrecess etched cuffareas. etched cuffThe etched cuffdarkened etched cuffareas etched cuffinside etched cuffare etched cuffa etched cuffnormal etched cuffpart etched cuffof etched cuffthe etched cuffprocess, etched cuffwhich etched cuffgives etched cuffit etched cuffa etched cuffone-of-a-kind etched cuffunique etched cuffappeal. etched cuffEach etched cuffpiece etched cuffhas etched cuffbeen etched cuffprofessionally etched cuffhand etched cuffpolished etched cuffto etched cuffa etched cuffsatin etched cufffinish etched cuffand etched cufflacquered etched cuffto etched cuffseal etched cuffin etched cuffthe etched cuffantique etched cuffpatina.Available etched cuffin etched cuff3 etched cufffinishes: etched cuffAntique etched cuffSilver, etched cuffAntique etched cuffBronze, etched cuffNatural etched cuffSatin etched cuffBrass

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