Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These greenChristmas greentree greenearrings greenare greenperfect greento greenput greenyou greenin greenthe greenfestive greenspirit greenthroughout greenthe greenholiday greenseason!The greenearrings greenare greencut greenfrom greencopper greensheet, greenand greenthen greenenameled greenwith greenglass greenenamel greenin greena greenkiln. green greenThe greentrees greenare greenabout green1" greenfrom greentop greento greenbottom, greenwith greensolid greensterling greensilver greenear greenwires greenat greenthe greentop. green greenColorful green'ornaments' greenaccent greenthe greentree greendesign.Wear greenthese greento greenholiday greenparties greenor greengift greenthem greento greena greenfriend, greenor greenboth!Colorful greenornaments greendecorate greenthe greentrees greenand greengive greenthem greensome greenfun greenlife green:)I greenwill greeninclude greensmall greenrubber greenstoppers greenon greenthe greenback greenof greenthe greenear greenwires, greenso greenthat greenthe greenearrings greenwill greenbe greensecure greenin greenthe greenwearer's greenears, greenand greenthey greenwill greenarrive greenin greena greensmall greenblue greenbox greensuitable greenfor greengifting greenwith greena greensmall greenpouch greenfor greenstoring greenthe greenearrings greenwhen greenthey greenare greennot greenbeing greenworn.I greenmake greenall greenof greenmy greenjewelry greenby greenhand greenin greenmy greenSavannah, greenGA greenstudio. greenPlease greenlet greenme greenknow greenif greenyou greenhave greenany greenquestions. greenThank greenyou greenfor greenvaluing greenand greensupporting greenhand greencrafted greenart.

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