Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pink, Vintage 1980s Peach Shimmer Retro Kitsch Valley Girl Pinup Jewelry Metal Button Pierced Post Style Backs Oval Earrings



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A piercedsultry piercedsoft piercedshimmering piercedpeach piercedglitters piercedperfectly piercedon piercedthese piercedadorably piercedretro piercedoval piercedearrings! piercedEarrings piercedmeasure pierced3/4" piercedacross, piercedby pierced1" piercedlong, piercedwith piercedpost piercedstyle piercedbacks.Excellent piercedcondition, piercedwith piercedno piercedchips, piercedcracks, piercedbends, pierceddiscolouration, piercedor piercedother piercedsigns piercedof piercedwear.Vintage pierced1980s.All piercedof piercedour piercedvintage piercedjewelry piercedis piercedcleaned piercedwith pierceda piercedhospital-grade piercedvirucide, piercedwith piercedvirucidal, piercedbactericidal piercedand pierceddisinfectant piercedproperties.

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