Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

plant, Vintage 1950s Gold Leaf Mode Art Arthur Pepper Brand Retro Kitsch Classic Sweater Girl Hallmarked Clip On Back Earrings



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Stunningly 50sdetailed 50sgold 50splate 50sleaves 50sflourish 50son 50sthese 50sbeautiful 50spieces 50sfrom 50sthe 50smid 50s50s! 50sClassics 50sfrom 50sthe 50sArthur 50sPepper 50scompany, 50sthese 50sare 50shallmarked 50s'ART" 50scircle 50s'C' 50son 50sone 50searring, 50sand 50scircle 50s'C' 50son 50sthe 50sother. 50sEarrings 50smeasure 50s7/8" 50sacross, 50sby 50s1 50s1/4" 50slong, 50swith 50scomfortable 50sclip 50son 50sstyle 50sbacks.Excellent 50scondition, 50swith 50sno 50schips, 50scracks, 50sbends, 50sdiscolouration, 50sor 50sother 50ssigns 50sof 50swear. 50sAll 50sof 50sour 50svintage 50sjewelry 50sis 50scleaned 50swith 50sa 50shospital-grade 50svirucide, 50swith 50svirucidal, 50sbactericidal 50sand 50sdisinfectant 50sproperties.

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