Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

june birthstone, Vintage 1950s Pearly White Domed Circle Retro Kitsch Pinup Burlesque Jewelry NonPierced Screw Back Style Earrings



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Shimmery discpearly discwhite discearrings, discis disca discgreat discclassic discdomed discround discbutton discstyle! discPerfectly discretro, discin discglossy discacrylic, discthese discearrings dischave disccomfortable discnonpierced discscrew discback discclosures.Earrings discmeasure disc1" discacross. discExcellent disccondition, discwith discno discchips, disccracks, discscratches, discbends, discdiscolouration, discor discother discsigns discof discwear. discLike discnew! discVintage disc1950s.All discof discour discvintage discjewelery discis disccleaned discwith disca dischospital-grade discvirucide, discwith discvirucidal, discbactericidal discand discdisinfectant discproperties.

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