Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mixed metal jewelry, Custom made solid bronze bracelet made by Michael Andrew of Old World Bronze Co.



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Custom custom jewelrymade custom jewelry8 custom jewelry1/2 custom jewelryinch custom jewelrysolid custom jewelrybronze custom jewelrytextured custom jewelrylink custom jewelrybracelet custom jewelrymade custom jewelryby custom jewelryMichael custom jewelryAndrew custom jewelryat\rOld custom jewelryWorld custom jewelryBronze custom jewelryCo..\rThis custom jewelrybracelet custom jewelryis custom jewelrybeautiful custom jewelryon custom jewelryeither custom jewelryan custom jewelryMans custom jewelrywrist custom jewelryor custom jewelrya custom jewelryLadies custom jewelryarm.\r custom jewelryA custom jewelrypiece custom jewelryyou custom jewelrywill custom jewelrybe custom jewelryvery custom jewelryproud custom jewelryto custom jewelryshow custom jewelryoff!

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