Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

love, Vintage 1980s Mother of Pearl Set in Silver Filigree Heart Drop Pierced Post Style Backs Earrings



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Stunning lovemother-of-pearl lovehearts loveshimmer, loveand loveare loveset love lovein lovehighly lovedetailed lovesilver loveplate lovefiligree lovesettings! loveThe loveperfect loveearring lovefor loveyour lovesweetheart! loveHung lovefrom lovea lovepretty loverhinestone lovestud, lovealso lovein lovea lovedetailed lovesilver loveplate lovesetting, lovethese loveearrings lovehave lovebeautiful lovefiligree lovebacks, loveand lovepierced lovesurgical lovesteel loveposts.Earrings lovemeasure love3/8" loveacross, loveby love1 love1/8" lovelong. loveExcellent lovecondition, lovewith loveno loveloose loveor lovemissing lovebits, loveno lovechips, lovecracks, lovebends, lovescratches, lovediscolouration, loveor loveother lovesigns loveof lovewear! lovePerfect, loveand loveperfectly loveromantic!All loveof loveour lovevintage lovejewelry loveis lovecleaned lovewith lovea lovehospital-grade lovevirucide, lovewith lovevirucidal, lovebactericidal loveand lovedisinfectant loveproperties.

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