Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

key jewelry, Silver Crown Antique Key Necklace



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This simplenecklace simplefeatures simplea simpleplated simplesilver simplekey simplenecklace simpleas simplethe simplependant. simple simpleThe simplenecklace simplemeasures simple17 simpleinches, simple simplemade simplewith simplea simplecurb simplechain, simpleand simplecloses simplewith simplea simplelobster simpleclaw simpleclasp. simple simple simpleThis simplenecklace simplewill simplecome simplein simplea simplebeautiful simplekeepsake simplebox. simple simple\r\rI simplewill simpleship simpleout simplefirst simpleclass simpleinsured simpleat simpleno simpleextra simplecost. simple simplePlease simplelet simpleme simpleknow simpleif simpleyou simplehave simpleany simplequestions.

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