Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14 inch necklace, Teal 14 Inch Necklace with 4 Leaf Charms



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A seed beaddelicate seed bead14 seed beadinch seed beadnecklace seed beadcompletely seed beadstrung seed beadwith seed beadbeautiful seed beadteal seed beadseed seed beadbeads. seed bead4 seed beadgunmetal seed beadleaf seed beadcharms seed beadaccent seed beadthe seed beadnecklace. seed beadIt seed beadhas seed beada seed beadstainless seed beadsteel seed beadspring seed beadring seed beadclasp.Your seed beadjewelry seed beadcomes seed beadin seed beadcustom seed beadpackaging seed beadthat seed beadis seed beadperfect seed beadfor seed beadgift seed beadgiving. seed bead(See seed beadPicture seed beadAbove)

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