Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bridal Jewelry Set beach jewelry, Pearl Bib Necklace and Earrings



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Pearl statement necklaceand statement necklacecrystal statement necklacebib statement necklacenecklaceMaterial: statement necklaceglass statement necklacepearl statement necklacebeads, statement necklacecrystal, statement necklacesilk statement necklacethread, statement necklacelobster statement necklaceclasp statement necklacewith statement necklaceextender, statement necklacesilver statement necklaceear statement necklacewireMeasurement: statement necklaceplease statement necklaceselect statement necklacethe statement necklacelength statement necklacearound statement necklaceneckColor: statement necklacewhite statement necklaceor statement necklacelight statement necklaceivoryYou statement necklacewill statement necklacereceive statement necklaceone statement necklacenecklace statement necklaceand statement necklacea statement necklacepair statement necklaceof statement necklacematching statement necklacedangle statement necklaceearrings

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