Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stone beads, pale jade star & slate blue glass bead tapered earrings. carved jade stars and glass on oxidized sterling silver by val b.



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genuine carved beadpale carved beadjade carved beadstars carved beadin carved beadan carved beadoff-white carved beadhue carved beadare carved beadpaired carved beadup carved beadwith carved beadsparkly carved beadfaceted carved beadslate carved beadblue carved beadglass carved beadbeads carved beadon carved beadhand-oxidized carved beadsterling carved beadsilver. carved beadmeasure carved beadapprox. carved bead1 carved bead1/2" carved bead(3.8 carved beadcm) carved beadfrm carved beadthe carved beadearwires.\r\rhandmade carved beadby carved beadme carved beadin carved beadlimited carved beadquantity carved beadin carved beadboston, carved beadma.

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