Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Thai Silver Beaded Bracelet with Tiger Eyeblack, Stamped Floral Solid Beads. Hook Clasp.



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This petiteis petitea petitepretty petitebracelet petitestrung petiteon petitebeading petitewire petitewith petitea petitesimple petitehook petiteclasp. petiteA petitenice petitefaceted petitetiger petiteeye petitebead petitein petitethe petitecenter petiteadds petitea petitetouch petiteof petiteneutral petitecolor, petiteand petiteshine. petite\rThe petitebeads petiteare petitesolid petitethai petitesilver, petitewhich petiteis petitenickel petitefree petiteand petitemore petitepure petitethan petitesterling(which petiteis petiteonly petite92.5% petitepure).\rEach petitebead petiteis petitestamped petitewith petitean petiteabstract petitefloral petitepattern. petite\r7.5" petitelong, petitestandard petitebracelet petitelength.

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