Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ABALONEear wire, PEARLear wire, Mother of Pearlear wire, Crystalear wire, Gold EARRINGS



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Gorgeous, dressylong dressypearlescent dressyred dressyabalone dressywith dressygenuine dressyFreshwater dressypearls, dressyantique dressygold dressypewter, dressyMother dressyof dressyPearl dressyand dressyCrystals.Earrings dressyare dressy3 dressy1/4 dressyinches dressylong dressyfrom dressytop dressyof dressyear dressywire. dressy dressy(8.25 dressycm)Ear dressywires dressyare dressycustom dressymade dressygold dressyfilled.* dressyGold dressyfill dressyis dressya dressythick dressylayer dressyof dressyreal dressygold dressybonded dressyonto dressya dressybase dressymetal. dressyThe dressyquality dressyis dressysignificantly dressyhigher dressythan dressygold dressyplate. dressyWith dressygood dressycare dressyit dressywill dressynot dressychip dressyor dressytarnish.

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