Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, 1.35ct- 14kt White Gold White Sapphire Pendant



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This ladiesbeautiful ladiesSri ladiesLankan ladiesSapphire ladiesmeasures ladies7mm ladiesand ladiesweights ladies1.35ct. ladiesNormal ladiesheat ladiesonly, ladieshence, ladiesthe ladiesclarity.Set ladiesin ladiesa ladiesvery ladiessubstanual ladies14kt ladieswhite ladiesgold ladies4 ladiesprong ladiessetting.Can ladiesbe ladiesreset ladiesin ladiesyellow ladiesgold ladiesat ladiesthe ladiesmarket ladiesprice.Clarity ladiesVVS/IFColor ladiesDHardness ladies9Diamonds ladiesare ladiesa ladies10 ladieson ladiesthe ladieshardness(Mohn) ladiesscale. ladiesAnd ladiesfor ladiesa ladiessapphire ladiesof ladiesthese ladiesspecs ladiesand ladiessize, ladiesit ladieswould ladiesbe ladiesthousands ladiesat ladiesan ladiesin-store ladiesjeweler.Layaway ladiesavailable. ladiesWith ladiesjust ladiesa ladieslittle ladiesdown ladiespayment, ladiesit ladiesis ladiespossible ladiesto ladiesobtain ladiesthis ladiesbeautiful ladiespendant.No ladiesfees, ladiesno ladiesdead ladieslines ladiesand ladiesyou ladiesmake ladiesthe ladiesterms.Can ladiesship ladiesmost ladiesanywhere.Chain ladiesnot ladiesincluded.

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