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canada, Personalized Hand Stamped Matching Necklaces - His and Hers - Couple Set- 2 pieces- Take Care of my Heart



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Just couples seta couples setlittle couples setpiece couples setof couples setlove couples setto couples setshare couples setwith couples setyour couples setfavourite couples setperson!"Take couples setcare couples setof couples setmy couples setheart couples setI couples setleft couples setit...with couples setyou"Hers: couples seta couples setsweet couples set3/4 couples setby couples set5/8 couples setinch couples setstainless couples setsteel couples setheart couples sethanging couples setfrom couples set17 couples setinches couples setof couples setstainless couples setsteel couples set(looks couples setlike couples setsilver) couples setor couples setsterling couples setsilver couples setchainHis: couples seta couples set1 couples set1/8 couples setby couples set2 couples setinch couples setstainless couples setsteel couples settag, couples sethung couples seton couples set couples seteither couples seta couples setkey couples setchain couples setor couples set24 couples setinch couples set couples setball couples setchain couples set(select couples setupon couples setcheck couples setout)The couples settwo couples setpieces couples setfit couples setperfectly couples setinto couples seteach couples setother!The couples setmessage couples setcan couples setbe couples setcustomized couples setplease couples setlet couples setme couples setknow couples setin couples setyour couples setcomment couples setto couples setseller. couples setPlease couples setkeep couples setin couples setmind couples setyour couples setmessage couples setshould couples setbe couples setapproximately couples setthe couples setlength couples setof couples setthe couples setone couples setpictured. couples setIf couples setno couples setmessage couples setis couples setspecified, couples setyou couples setwill couples setreceive couples setthe couples setone couples setpictured.Personalize couples setthe couples set'girl' couples setnecklace couples setadding couples setan couples setextra couples setdisc couples setor couples setbirthstone:Add couples setan couples setadditional couples set1/2 couples setinch couples setmonogram couples setdiskhttps://www./listing/101755317/add-a-hand-stamped-12-inch-sterling?ref=shop_home_activeAdd couples setan couples setadditional couples setbirthstone couples setor couples setacrylic couples setflower:https://www./listing/102713297/add-an-extra-charm-to-any-listing?ref=shop_home_activeOther couples setsets couples setfor couples setcouples:https://www./shop/DreamWillowStudio?section_id=13591667&ga_search_query=coupleThis couples setis couples seta couples sethand couples setmade couples setitem couples setand couples setyour couples setfinal couples setpiece couples setmay couples setnot couples setlook couples setexactly couples setthe couples setsame couples setas couples setthe couples setone couples setpictured, couples setit couples setwill couples setbe couples setspecial couples setto couples setonly couples setyou. couples setLetters couples setmay couples setnot couples setalways couples setbe couples setperfectly couples setaligned, couples setthis couples setis couples setthe couples setcharm couples setof couples setbuying couples sethand couples setmade! couples setEach couples setpiece couples setis couples setcompletely couples setunique.

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