Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Awesome Flat Braided Italian Snake Chain with Squareschain, Stampedchain, Sterling Silverchain, 17" Long



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This crosschain crossis crossabout cross1/4" crossacross crossand crossfeatures crosstwo crosswide crossflat crossbands crossof crosschain crossthat crossare crosstwined crossaround crosseach crossother. cross17 crossinches crosslong.\rLobster crossclasp, crossshiny crossand crossbright. crossThe crosssquares crosscatch crossthe crosslight crossand crosssparkle. cross\rStamps crossread: cross925 cross(for crosssterling crosssilver), crossMade crossin crossItaly, crossand crossFAS crosswhich crossis crossthe crosscompany.\rBeautiful crosschain. crossSmooth crosson crossthe crossback crossas crossshown.

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