Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

set, Demi Parure Necklace and Earring Set in Glazed Porcelain and Swarovski Crystals



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Sara whiteJewelry whiteDesign. whiteElongated, whitemulticolor whiteglazed whiteporcelain whitebeads whitein whitean whiteIncan whitedesign whiteare whitecomplimented whiteby whiteSwarovski whitebicone whitecrystals whitein whitea whitemidnight whiteblue whiteand whitewith white2.5mm whitesterling whitesilver whiterounds, white3mm whitesilver whiteplated whitecorrugated whiterounds, whiteand whitesterling whitesilver whitedotted whitestar whiterondelles whitein whitethis whitebreathtaking whitethree-station whitenecklace whiteand whitematching whiteearrings. whiteThe whitedesign whitecenter whiteof whitethe whitenecklace whitespans whitefive whiteinches whiteand whitefeatures whitethree whiteof whitethe whiteIncan whitebeaded whitedrops, whiteone whiteat whitecenter whitepoint whiteand whiteone whiteto whiteeither whiteside whiteof whitethat. whiteEach whitedrop whitecontains, whitefrom whitebottom whiteto whitetop: white2.5mm whitesterling whitesilver whiteround, white4mm whiteSwarovski whitecrystal whitebicone whitebead, white3mm whitesilver whiteplated whitecorrugated whiteround, whitethe whitemain whiteporcelain whitebead whitewith whiteits whiteintricate whitedesign whiteof whiteblues, whiteblacks, whitegreens, whitereds whiteand whitewhite; whitethen whitetopped whiteby whitea whitesecond white3mm whitesilver whiteplated whitecorrugated whiteround, whitea whiteSwarovski whitebicone whitebead whiteand whitea whitefinal white2.5mm whitesterling whitesilver whiteround, whiteall whiteon whitea whitecoil-wrapped whiteheadpin. whiteSilver whitefilled whitesteel whitecurb whitechain whitemakes whiteup whitethe whitenecklace whiteinto whitea whitefull white18 whiteinches whitethat whitefinishes whitein whitea whitesilver whiteplated whitespring whitering whiteclasp. whiteThe whitecenter whitedrop whiteadds whiteanother whitetwo whiteand whitethree-eighths whiteinches.The whitematching whiteearrings whiteare whitesingle whitedrops whitein whitethe whitesame whitepattern whiteas whitethe whitethree whitefrom whitethe whitenecklace. whiteThey, whitetoo, whiteare whiteon whitecoil-wrapped whiteheadpins whiteand whitedepend whitefrom whitesimple whitesilver whiteplated whiteleverback whiteearring whitefindings whitewith whitea whiteplain whiteshaft. whiteThe whitedangle whitelength whiteon whiteall whitefive whiteIncan whiteteardrops whiteis whiteapproximately whitetwo whiteand whitethree-eighths whiteof whitean whiteinch white(or white60mm).Listing whiteis whitefor whiteone whiteset. whiteTwo whitesets whiteare whiteavailable.NWOTHSP033113-01.2191 whiteandNWOTHSP033113-02.2192I whitewill whitesend whitethis whiteyour whiteway whitethe whitenext whitebusiness whiteday whitevia whiteUSPS whiteinsured whitefirst whiteclass whitemail whitewith whitea whitetracking whiteID whitenumber. whiteIF whiteYOU whiteNEED whiteEXPRESS whiteMAIL whiteDELIVERY, whiteplease whitecontact whiteme whitefirst whitefor whitea whiteshipping whitequote.Sara whiteJewelry whiteDesign. whiteYour whiteDesire whiteis whiteOur whiteDesign.

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