Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

russian, Necklace and Earring Demi Parure Set in Russian Serpentine and Sterling Silver



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Sara demiJewelry demiDesign. demi6mm demiRussian demiserpentine demirounds demialternate demiwith demismooth demisterling demisilver demibeads demiin demiboth demiround demiand demimelon demishapes demiand demilaser-cut demiround demisterling demibeads demito demiform demithis demi19" deminecklace. demiComes demiwith demia demimatching demiset demiof demisterling demisilver demisingle demidangle demiearrings demithat demiare demiapproximately demitwo demiinches demiin demilength.A demiword demiabout demiRussian demiserpentine. demiThis demiis demia demitype demiof demiturquoise demithat demiis demipredominantly demia demilively demiolive demigreen demicolor demiwith demifine demiblack demimatrix. demiGenerally demiis demistabilized demiand demicoated demito demiprovide demiprotection demifor demithis demisoft demistone. demiI demiwill demiship demithis demiyour demiway demithe deminext demibusiness demiday demivia demiUSPS demiFirst demiClass demimail demiwith demia demitracking demiID deminumber. demiSara demiJewelry demiDesign. demiYour demiDesire demiis demiOur demiDesign.

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