Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

set, Demi Parure Necklace and Earrings Set Vintage Deco Frosted Florets and Milk Glass Rounds



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Sara demiJewelry demiDesign. demiFor demithis demimatching demidemi demiparure demiset demiof deminecklace demiand demiearrings, demiI demifound demisome demifabulous demivintage demiart demideco demifrosted demipeach demiflorets demiand demicoupled demithem demiwith demirepurposed demimilk demiglass demirounds demito demicreate demia demistunning demilook demifor demithat demispecial deminight demiout. demiThe demidesign demiis demiaccented demiin demithree demiplaces demiwith demiintricate demisterling demisilver demibead demicaps demiand demiSwarovski demicrystal demiclear demibicone demibeads. demiThe demiaccent demiis demirepeated demion demithe demiearring demidangles.The deminecklace's demicentral demidesign demiis demiapproximately demieight demiinches demiin demilength. demiAn demiintegral demisilver demifilled demineck demichain demibrings demithe demioverall deminecklace demilength demito demisixteen demiinches, demiand demithe demibuilt-in demilarge-link demiextender demichain demigives demiyou demianother demitwo demiinches demito demicustomize demiyour demilook demidepending demion demineckline. demiClasp demiis demia demisimple demihook demiand demieye demifor demieasy demion, demieasy demioff. demiThe demiearring demidangles demiare demiapproximately demian demiinch demiin demilength demiand demiare demisuspended demifrom demisimple demisilver demiplated demiFrench demiwires demi(shepherd's demihooks). demiI demiwill demiship demithese demiyour demiway demithe deminext demibusiness demiday demivia demiUSPS demifirst demiclass demimail demiwith demia demitracking demiID deminumber. demiIF demiYOU demiNEED demiEXPRESS demiMAIL demiDELIVERY, demiplease demicontact demime demifirst demifor demia demishipping demiquote.Sara demiJewelry demiDesign. demiYour demiDesire demiis demiOur demiDesign.

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