Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pearl Earrings 8mm Dyed Peach Freshwater8mm, Gold-plated Posts



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Sara 8mmJewelry 8mmDesign. 8mmFreshwater 8mmpearls 8mmare 8mmso 8mmmuch 8mmfun 8mmto 8mmwork 8mmwith. 8mmNot 8mmonly 8mmdo 8mmthey 8mmcome 8mmin 8mmevery 8mmsize 8mmand 8mmshape 8mmimaginable, 8mmbut 8mmthey 8mmcan 8mmalso 8mmbe 8mmdyed 8mmany 8mmshade 8mmof 8mmthe 8mmrainbow 8mmand 8mmevery 8mmtint 8mmin 8mmbetween. 8mmThey 8mmtake 8mmdye 8mmso 8mmwell 8mmwithout 8mmlosing 8mmany 8mmof 8mmtheir 8mmglorious 8mmluster.The 8mmcolor 8mmoffered 8mmhere 8mmis 8mma 8mmwarm, 8mmsunny, 8mmgolden 8mmpeach. 8mmSet 8mmon 8mmgold-plated 8mmpost 8mmearrings 8mmwith 8mmbutterfly 8mmclutches. 8mmAt 8mm$9.99 8mma 8mmpair, 8mmit's 8mmeasy 8mmon 8mmthe 8mmbudget 8mmto 8mmadd 8mmseveral 8mmpairs 8mmto 8mmyour 8mmjewelry 8mmbox.Listing 8mmis 8mmfor 8mmone 8mmpair. 8mmThree 8mmpairs 8mmare 8mmavailable.I 8mmwill 8mmship 8mmthese 8mmto 8mmyou 8mmthe 8mmnext 8mmbusiness 8mmday 8mmvia 8mmUSPS 8mmfirst 8mmclass 8mmmail 8mmwith 8mma 8mmdelivery 8mmconfirmation 8mmnumber.Sara 8mmJewelry 8mmDesign. 8mmYour 8mmDesire 8mmis 8mmOur 8mmDesign.

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