Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Cobalt Glasscopper, Copper and Porcelain Beads Stretch Bracelet



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Sara whiteJewelry whiteDesign. whiteI whitetook whitethree white14mm whitewhite whiteporcelain whitehollow whiterounds whitepainted whitewith whitea whitedeep whiteblue whitedesign whiteand whitecapped whitethem whitewith whiteelaborate whitecopper, whitethen whiteinterspersed whitethem whiteamong white6mm whitecobalt whiteblue whitefaceted whiteglass whiterounds whiteand white7x5mm whitepure whitecopper whitehollow whiteoval whitebeads whiteto whitecreate whitethis whitebold, whitestretch whitebracelet. whiteBracelet whiteis white7.5 whiteinches whitein whitelength. whiteI whitewill whiteship whitethis whiteyour whiteway whitethe whitenext whitebusiness whiteday whitevia whiteUSPS whitefirst whiteclass whitemail whitewith whitea whitetracking whiteID whitenumber. whiteIF whiteYOU whiteNEED whiteEXPRESS whiteMAIL whiteDELIVERY, whiteplease whitecontact whiteme whitefirst whitefor whitea whiteshipping whitequote.Sara whiteJewelry whiteDesign. whiteYour whiteDesire whiteis whiteOur whiteDesign.

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