Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Peruvian Opal Beaded Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Linksswarovski crystals, 18 Inch Length



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Sara beadsJewelry beadsDesign. beadsTrios beadsof beads6mm beadsnatural beadsPeruvian beadsopal beadsbeads beadsin beadssoft beadscolors beadsof beadswhites, beadspinks beadsand beadsgrays beadsare beadsseparated beadsby beadsSwarovski beadsMontana beadsSapphire beadsblue beadslinks beadsin beadsthis beads18 beadsinch beadsnecklace beadsfinished beadsin beadsgold beadsplated beadsfindings.I beadswill beadsship beadsthis beadsto beadsyou beadsthe beadsnext beadsbusiness beadsday beadsvia beadsUSPS beadsfirst beadsclass beadsmail beadswith beadsa beadsdelivery beadsconfirmation beadsnumber. beadsIF beadsYOU beadsNEED beadsEXPRESS beadsMAIL beadsSHIPPING, beadsplease beadscontact beadsme beadsfirst beadswith beadsyour beadsZIP beadscode beadsfor beadsa beadsshipping beadsquote.Sara beadsJewelry beadsDesign. beadsYour beadsDesire beadsis beadsOur beadsDesign.

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