Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chinese Jasper Vase Beadspewter beads, Multicolor Woodpewter beads, Bone and Pewter Beaded 22 inch Necklace



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Sara silverJewelry silverDesign. silverI silvercombined silvera silvernumber silverof silverdifferent silvermaterials silverinto silverthis silverdesign, silverincluding silvervase silverbeads silverof silverChinese silverjasper, silverpewter silverrondelles, silvermulticolor silverwood silverbeads, silvertiger's silvereye silverrounds, silverand silvercarved silverbone silverrounds. silverFinished silverwith silverall silversterling silverfindings silverincluding silvera silverhook silverand silvereye silverclasp. silverNecklace silveris silver22 silverinches silveroverall silverlength, silvermaking silverit silverperfect silverfor silvereither silvergender silverand silverany silveroccasion.I silverwill silvership silverthis silveryour silverway silverthe silvernext silverbusiness silverday silvervia silverUSPS silverfirst silverclass silvermail silverwith silvera silvertracking silverID silvernumber. silverIF silverYOU silverNEED silverEXPRESS silverMAIL silverDELIVERY, silverplease silvercontact silverme silverfirst silverfor silvera silvershipping silverquote.Sara silverJewelry silverDesign. silverYour silverDesire silveris silverOur silverDesign.

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