Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

colorful, Shell Inlay Triplet Fan or Bib Sterling Necklace with Pearls and Swarovski Crystal Briolettes



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Sara greenJewelry greenDesign. greenFour greenshell greeninlay greentriplets greenare greenarranged greenas greena greenfan greenand greenseparated greenwith greensmall, greennatural greenwhite greenfreshwater greenpearls greenand greenSwarovski greencrystal greenclear greenbriolettes greenin greenthis green18 greeninch greensterling greennecklace greendesign. greenIntegral greensterling greensilver greenchain greenis green1.6mm greencable greenlink, greenand greennecklace greencloses greenwith greena greensimple greenspring greenring greenclasp. greenLongest greendrop greenis greenabout green2 greeninches.What's greena greentriplet, greenanyway? greenA greenvery greenthin greenlayer--too greenthin greento greenstand greenon greenits greenown greenin greena greenpiece greenof greenjewelry--of greenshell greenor greengemstone greenis greensandwiched greenbetween greena greenlayer greenof greenblack greensubstrate greenand greena greenclear greentopping. greenMost greenoften, greenthese greentwo greenare greenobsidian greenon greenthe greenbottom greenand greenclear greenquartz greenon greentop, greenbut greenany greendark/clear greencombination greenmay greenbe greenused. greenThe greentriplet greenapproach greengives greenyou greenthe greenlook greenand greenstyle greenof greenan greenexpensive greenmaterial greenwithout greeneither greenthe greenassociated greencost greenor greenthe greenfragility. greenYou greencan greenfind greentriplets greenmade greenfrom greensuch greenexotic greenlovelies greenas greenAustralian greenfire greenopals, greenall greenmanners greenof greenshell, greeneven greenfossilized greenstones greensuch greenas greenammolite. greenMy greenMPIN greenItem green#NWSS030911-01.850I greenwill greenship greenthis greenyour greenway greenthe greennext greenbusiness greenday greenvia greenUSPS greenfirst greenclass greenmail greenwith greena greentracking greenID greennumber. greenIf greenyou greenneed greenExpress greenMail greenshipping, greenplease greencontact greenme greenfirst greenfor greena greenquote.Sara greenJewelry greenDesign. greenYour greenDesire greenis greenour greenDesign.

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