Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaf shape, Deep Purple Glass Leaf with Copper Accents Pendant 48x31mmon Leather Cord



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Sara copperJewelry copperDesign. copperThe copperpurple copperis copperso copperdark copperand copperdeep copperon copperthis copperglass copperleaf copperthat copperit coppernearly copperappears copperblack...until copperyou copperhold copperit copperup copperto copperthe copperlight. copperAccented copperwith copperdaubs copperof copperglittering coppercopper. copperI copperset copperthis copperon coppera coppersimple copperlength copperof copper1mm coppershiny copperblack copperleather coppercord copperand coppercreated coppera coppertriple copperthreat copperstopper copperconsisting copperof coppera copper14mm copperwooden coppersaucer copperbead, copperan copper8mm copperpure coppercopper copperbarrel copperbead copperand coppera coppersquare copperglass coppercane copperbead copperwith coppera copperblack coppercore. copperThe copperoverall copperdesign copperlength copperfrom coppertop copperknot copperto copperleaf coppertip copperis copperroughly copperthree copperinches. copperThe coppercordage copperfinishes copperwith coppera coppersingle copperknot copperwhich copperyou coppermay coppereasily copperuntie copperand copperretie copperto coppersuit copperyour copperlength copperlikes copperfrom copper16 copperto copper24 copperinches.My copperMPIN copperItem copper#NWP01151210517I copperwill coppership copperthis copperyour copperway copperthe coppernext copperbusiness copperday coppervia copperUSPS copperfirst copperclass coppermail copperwith coppera coppertracking copperID coppernumber. copperIF copperYOU copperNEED copperEXPRESS copperMAIL copperDELIVERY, copperplease coppercontact copperme copperfirst copperfor coppera coppershipping copperquote. copperSara copperJewelry copperDesign. copperYour copperDesire copperis copperOur copperDesign.

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