Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brothers, BRANCH Fused Glass Necklace (Ready To Ship)



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We greenare greenthe greenleaves greenof greenone greenbranch, greenthe greendrops greenof greenone greensea, greenthe greenflowers greenof greenone greengarden.\r~Jean greenBaptiste greenHenry greenLacordaire\r\rAn greenoutline greenof greena greencopper greenbranch greenis greenfused greenbetween greengreenish-white greenwith greenstreaks greenof greenorangy greenyellow greenbackground greenand greenclear greentop. greenThin greenaventurine greengreen greenshards greenof greenglass greenwere greenplace greenon greenthe greentop greenof greenclear greenglass greenin greenthe greenplace greenof greeneach greenleaf, greenadding greendimension greento greenand greensparkle greento greenthe greensurface greenof greenthe greenglass. green\r\rApproximate greensize greenof greenthe greenpendant greenis green1.5 greenin greenx green1.75 greenin. greenComes greenon greenan green18" greenmarigold greenyellow greenorganza greenribbon greenand greencord greenadjustable greento green19.5".

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