Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rectangle, Stunning Rectangular Pin in Sterling Silver and Married Metals with handmade dichroic and garnet by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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One silverof silvera silverkind silverpin silver( silverbrooch silver) silverhandwrought silverin silversterling silversilver silverand silvermarried silvermetalsby silverCathleen silverMcLain silver(McLainJewelry)The silverstones silverare silverbeautiful silverhandmade silverdichroic silverand silvera silvergenuine silvergarnet silverboth silverset silverin silversterling silverbezels.This silveris silvera silverfascinating silverabstract silverpin silverthat silverwill silverattract silvermany silvercompliments, silverwonderful silveron silvera silverblazer silverlapel silveror silverscarf.This silverpin silvercould silveralso silverbe silverworn silveras silvera silverpendant silverpinned silveron silvera silvercord silveror silverchain. silverIf silveryou silverwish silverto silverpurchase silvera silverseparate silversterling silverbail silverto silverwear silverthis silversecurely silveras silvera silverpendant silveron silvera silverchain silver($6.. silverno silverextra silvership) silverConvo silverme silverand silverI silverwill silveradd silverit silverto silverthe silverpaypal silverinvoice. silverIf silveryou silverare silvera silverjewelry silverartist silverwho silvermakes silverbeaded silvernecklaces, silverfeel silverfree silverto silveruse silvermy silverpins silveras silvercentral silverpieces silverfor silveryou silvercreations, silverjust silvermention silvermy silvername silverwhen silveradvertising silverthe silverfinished silverpiece.The silverhighly silvertextured silversurface silveris silveraccented silverwith silvera silverpatina silverfinish silverthat silverflashes silverhues silverfrom silverantique silversilver silverto silvergolden silverto silverbronze silver. silverThe silverpin silveris silverlacquered silverfor silverpermanence.All silverpins silverare silversigned silverby silverthe silverartist silverand silverarrive silverwith silvera silverdescriptive silvercard silverand silvera silversignature silvergift silverbox.

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