Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

small, Small Sloth Necklace 1 inch Pendant Charm Cute Polymer Clay



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IMPORTANT: slothI slothcurrently slothhave slotha sloth2 slothweek slothwaiting slothperiod slothfor slothall slothorders slothbefore slothI slothcan slothship sloththem. slothPlease slothtake sloththis slothinto slothaccount slothbefore slothordering slothas slothunfortunately slothI slotham slothnot slothable slothto slothensure slothdelivery slothof slothan slothitem slothbefore sloth2 slothweeks. slothI slotham slothvery slothsorry slothfor slothany slothtrouble.-----------------------------A slothperfect slothgift slothfor slothyourself slothor sloththe slothsloth slothlover slothin slothyour slothlife!This slothdashing slothdouble slothsided slothtiny slothsloth slothwas slothhand slothsculpted slothfrom slothpolymer slothclay, slothpainted slothwith slothacrylic slothpaints slothand slothmetallic slothrub, sloththen slothfinished slothwith slotha slothsatin slothsealant. slothAdd slothit slothto slotha slothcharm slothbracelet slothor slothwear slothit slothas slotha slothnecklace. slothFrom slothhead slothto slothtail slothtip sloththe slothsloth slothmeasures sloth1 slothinch slothlong.**NOTE** slothYour slothorder slothis slothmade slothto slothorder slothand slothis slothunique, slothso slothit slothwill slothvary slothslightly slothfrom sloththe slothexample slothshown slothin sloththe slothpictures. slothI slothdo slothmy slothbest slothto slothrecreate slothmy slothpieces slothexactly, slothbut slothplease slothallow slothfor slotha slothslight slothvariation slothdue slothto sloththe slothhand-sculpting slothprocess. slothI slothwill slothusually slothhave slothyour slothitem slothmade slothand slothin sloththe slothmail slothwithin sloth1-2 slothweeks slothif slothyou slothneed slothit slothsooner slothlet slothme slothknow slothand slothwe slothcan slothtry slothto slothwork slothsomething slothout.

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