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wire, Day of the Dead Jewelry - Catrina with Skulls – Charm Bracelet with Altered Bamboo Beads



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This bamboo tileis bamboo tilea bamboo tilecharm bamboo tilebracelet bamboo tilefeaturing bamboo tile6 bamboo tilebeads. bamboo tileEach bamboo tilebead bamboo tileis bamboo tileabout bamboo tile1.5" bamboo tilelong bamboo tileX bamboo tile.5" bamboo tilewide. bamboo tileI've bamboo tilehand bamboo tilealtered bamboo tilethe bamboo tilebamboo bamboo tilebeads bamboo tilewith bamboo tileimages bamboo tileof bamboo tilePosada's bamboo tileCatrina bamboo tileillustrations bamboo tilewith bamboo tilea bamboo tilewaterslide bamboo tilemethod. bamboo tileThe bamboo tilebeads bamboo tileare bamboo tilesealed bamboo tilewith bamboo tilevarnish bamboo tileand bamboo tileare bamboo tilevery bamboo tiledurable bamboo tileand bamboo tilewater bamboo tileresistant. bamboo tileEach bamboo tilebead bamboo tilehas bamboo tilea bamboo tileslightly bamboo tileweathered bamboo tilelook. bamboo tileFits bamboo tilea bamboo tilewrist bamboo tileof bamboo tile7 bamboo tileinches.Alternating bamboo tilebone bamboo tileskull bamboo tilebeads bamboo tileare bamboo tileused bamboo tileto bamboo tileseparate bamboo tilethe bamboo tileimagery.Each bamboo tilebead bamboo tileis bamboo tilewired bamboo tileby bamboo tilehand bamboo tileand bamboo tileattached bamboo tileto bamboo tilea bamboo tilestainless bamboo tilesteel bamboo tilebracelet. bamboo tileOverall bamboo tilethis bamboo tilebracelet bamboo tileis bamboo tilevery bamboo tilelightweight.I bamboo tilehave bamboo tileSO bamboo tilemuch bamboo tilefun bamboo tilemaking bamboo tilethese bamboo tilebracelets!This bamboo tilejewelry bamboo tilewas bamboo tiledesigned bamboo tileand bamboo tilehand bamboo tilemade bamboo tileby bamboo tileartist, bamboo tileCindy bamboo tileCouling.

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