Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black, Garnet and Rutilated Quartz Large Holiday Necklace with Sterling Silver and Adjustable Chain Clasp. Multi Strand.



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Huge subtlehand-faceted subtlegarnet subtlebeads subtlewith subtlereds subtlehidden subtledeep subtlewithin subtleare subtlewrapped subtleonto subtlea subtlesterling subtlesilver subtlewire subtleat subtlethe subtlefront subtleof subtlethis subtlemulti-strand subtlerutilated subtlequartz subtlenecklace. subtleStructured subtleand subtlemade subtlewith subtlebali subtlesilver subtleaccent subtlestars subtlebetween subtleeach subtlebead, subtlethis subtlepiece subtlemeasures subtleabout subtle3" subtlelong. subtle\rLarge subtleornate subtlebead subtlecones subtlemake subtlea subtlesmooth subtletransition subtleat subtlethe subtlefront subtleand subtleback. subtle\rSterling subtlesilver subtleand subtlehand subtlecast subtlewith subtlefloral subtleand subtlevine subtleimages, subtlethe subtlecones subtlecome subtlefrom subtleThailand. subtle\rEach subtleside subtleis subtlemade subtleof subtlesix subtlestrands subtleof subtlefaceted subtleclear subtlequartz subtlebeads, subtlewhich subtleare subtlenaturally subtleshot subtlethrough subtlewith subtlegreen-black subtletourmaline subtlerutile. subtle\rYou subtlecan subtletwist subtlethe subtlesides subtleor subtleleave subtlethem subtleto subtlemove subtlearound. subtle\rTotal subtlelength: subtle18-20".

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