Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cream, Zebra Jasper Necklace and Focal in Choice of Metal Finish



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Sara goldJewelry goldDesign. goldThese goldnecklaces goldfeature golddramatic gold25mm goldsquare goldzebra goldjasper goldfocal golddrops goldsurrounded goldby gold10mm goldrounds goldin goldthe goldsame goldstone, goldand goldare goldcomplemented goldby goldmetallic goldspacer goldbeads, goldbead goldcaps goldand gold4mm goldSwarovski goldSmoked goldTopaz goldbicone goldcrystals. goldThe goldcenter goldof goldeach golddesign goldmeasures goldroughly goldsix goldinches, goldand goldthe goldfocal golddrop goldis goldapproximately gold1-1/4 goldinches. goldOverall goldnecklace goldlength goldis gold18 goldinches.The goldnecklace goldis goldthen goldcompleted goldwith gold2mm goldcurb goldlink goldchain goldin goldeither golda goldgold goldor golda goldsilver goldfinish gold(gold goldplating goldover goldbrass goldand goldsilver goldplating goldover goldsteel). goldInterrupting goldthe goldchain goldis golda goldsmall, goldshank goldwrapped goldinset goldfeaturing goldan goldadditional goldSwarovski goldcrystal goldcapped goldwith goldmetal goldspacer goldbeads. goldNecklaces goldclose goldwith goldsimple goldspring-ring goldclasps. goldThere goldare goldtwo goldnecklaces goldavailable, goldone goldeach goldin goldgold goldfinish goldand goldsilver goldfinish. goldChoose goldyour goldfavorite goldfrom goldthe golddrop golddown goldmenu.MPIN goldNW goldGP gold1101113-01.1188 goldandMPIN goldNW goldSP gold1101113-02.1181I goldwill goldship goldthis goldyour goldway goldthe goldnext goldbusiness goldday goldvia goldUSPS goldfirst goldclass goldinsured goldmail goldwith golda goldtracking goldID goldnumber. goldIF goldYOU goldNEED goldEXPEDITED goldSHIPPING, goldplease goldcontact goldme goldfirst goldwith goldyour goldZIP goldcode goldfor golda goldshipping goldquote.Sara goldJewelry goldDesign. goldYour goldDesire goldis goldOur goldDesign.

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