Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Flower Necklacegift for girls, enameled flower pendant by Kathryn Riechert



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These fused glassturquoise fused glassblue fused glassflowers fused glassmake fused glassme fused glasshappy, fused glassand fused glassthey fused glassreally fused glassstand fused glassout fused glasswhen fused glassworn!This fused glasspendant fused glassis fused glassmade fused glassof fused glassglass fused glassenamel fused glassfused fused glassto fused glassa fused glasscopper fused glassbase. fused glassColorful fused glassand fused glassdainty, fused glasssimple fused glassand fused glasssweet, fused glassit fused glassis fused glassperfect fused glassfor fused glassboth fused glasslittle fused glassgirls fused glassand fused glassadults. fused glass fused glassThe fused glassflower fused glasswas fused glassmade fused glasswith fused glassdifferent fused glasscolors fused glassof fused glassblue fused glassenamel fused glassfused fused glasstogether. fused glass fused glassThe fused glasscenter fused glasshas fused glassa fused glasslittle fused glasswhite fused glassand fused glassyellow fused glassflower fused glassmelted fused glassin fused glassplace.I fused glasshave fused glasstried fused glassto fused glassportray fused glassthe fused glasscolors fused glassas fused glassaccurately fused glassas fused glasspossible, fused glasshowever fused glassit fused glasswill fused glassvary fused glassby fused glasscomputer fused glassmonitor.The fused glasscharm fused glassis fused glassabout fused glass1" fused glass(25mm) fused glassin fused glasssize.The fused glassnecklace fused glasschain fused glassis fused glasssolid fused glasssterling fused glasssilver. fused glassSend fused glassme fused glassan fused glassetsy fused glassconvo fused glassor fused glassemail fused glasswith fused glassany fused glassand fused glassall fused glassquestions.Thank fused glassyou!

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