Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, vintage grey sparkle globe cocktail ring. one of a kind upcycled 1960's button on a silver adjustable filigree ring by val b.



In stock



a cocktail ringlarge, cocktail ringsparkly cocktail ringgray cocktail ringvinatge cocktail ringlucite cocktail ringbutton cocktail ringfull cocktail ringof cocktail ringsilvery cocktail ringglitter cocktail ringconfetti cocktail ringin cocktail ringa cocktail ringscalloped cocktail ringsetting cocktail ringhas cocktail ringbeen cocktail ringgiven cocktail ringa cocktail ringnew cocktail ringlife cocktail ringas cocktail ringa cocktail ringstunning cocktail ringcocktail cocktail ringring. cocktail ringthe cocktail ringbutton cocktail ringsits cocktail ringon cocktail ringa cocktail ringquality, cocktail ringantiqued, cocktail ringsilver-tone cocktail ringadjustable cocktail ringring cocktail ringbase. cocktail ringthe cocktail ringbutton cocktail ringitself cocktail ringmeasured cocktail ringapprox. cocktail ring1 cocktail ring3/8" cocktail ring(3.5 cocktail ringcm) cocktail ringin cocktail ringdiameter.handmade cocktail ringwith cocktail ringlove cocktail ringby cocktail ringme cocktail ringin cocktail ringthe cocktail ringbreathtaking cocktail ringsierra cocktail cocktail ringmany cocktail ringof cocktail ringmy cocktail ringvintage cocktail ringassemblage cocktail ringitems, cocktail ringthis cocktail ringpiece cocktail ringshows cocktail ringthe cocktail ringlovely cocktail ringdetails cocktail ringthat cocktail ringcome cocktail ringwith cocktail ringage...metal cocktail ringwith cocktail ringa cocktail ringpretty cocktail ringpatina, cocktail ringcorroded cocktail ringmetal cocktail ringand cocktail ringfaux cocktail ringpearls cocktail ringwith cocktail ringsome cocktail ringdistress cocktail ringto cocktail ringtheir cocktail ringfinish. cocktail ringplease cocktail ringknow cocktail ringthat cocktail ringi cocktail ringpurposely cocktail ringseek cocktail ringout cocktail ringsuch cocktail ringcharacteristics cocktail ringto cocktail ringadd cocktail ringa cocktail ringdesired cocktail ringantique cocktail ringlook cocktail ringto cocktail ringmy cocktail ringcreations. cocktail ringi cocktail ringhope cocktail ringthat cocktail ringyou cocktail ringwill cocktail ringenjoy cocktail ringthem cocktail ringas cocktail ringmuch cocktail ringas cocktail ringi cocktail ringdo!i cocktail ringpackage cocktail ringall cocktail ringof cocktail ringmy cocktail ringjewelry cocktail ringin cocktail ringa cocktail ringsweet cocktail ringlittle cocktail ringorganza cocktail ringpouch cocktail ringand cocktail ringadd cocktail ringrubber cocktail ringear cocktail ringbacks cocktail ringto cocktail ringearrings cocktail ringso cocktail ringthat cocktail ringthey cocktail ringstay cocktail ringin cocktail ringyour cocktail ringlittle cocktail ringears. cocktail ring:)please cocktail ringread cocktail ringmy cocktail ringpolicies cocktail ringcarefully cocktail ringprior cocktail ringto cocktail ringordering.

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