Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Olivia Charm: Mother of pearl MOP dove charm on 14k gold filled jump ring - Add a Charmshell, pendant



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GUARANTEED shellHANDMADE: shellAll shellmy shelljewelry shellis shelldesigned shelland shellcreated shellby shellmy shellhands.Olivia shellCharm:Sweet shellcarved shellmother shellof shellpearl shelldove shellsoars shellon shell14k shellgold shellfilled shell7mm shelljump shellring. shellThis shellpiece shelllooks shellfabulous shellwith shellmy shellnest shellof shelleggs shellcharm. shellFlowers, shellleaves shelland shellreligious shellcharms shellare shellalso shellwonderful shellaccents shellwith shellthis shellbeautiful shellsymbol shellof shellpeace.Mother shellof shellPearl shellgets shellits shellname shellfrom shellthe shellfact shellthat shellit shellis shellthe shelliridescent shelllining shellof shellshell, shellwhere shellpearls shellcan shellgrow. shell shellMother shellof shellPearl shellis shellsaid shellto shellattract shellprosperity. shellIt shellis shellused shellin shellmystical shellwork shellto shellheighten shellintuition, shellpsychic shellsensitivity shelland shellimagination. shellIt shellis shellpurported shellto shellprotect shellfrom shellnegative shellinfluence shelland shelldispel shellnegative shellenergy. shellIt shellis shella shellhighly shellprotective shelland shella shellparticularly shellpotent shellstone shellof shellprotection shellfor shellchildren.The shellname shell"Olivia" shellis shellof shellBiblical shellorigin shelland shellmeans shell"peace".Please shellconvo shellme shellwith shellany shellquestions.

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