Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone, Tiny freshwater pearl charm on gold-fill - add a charm



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GUARANTEED tinyHANDMADE: tinyAll tinymy tinyjewelry tinyis tinydesigned tinyand tinycreated tinyby tinymy tinyhands.Petite tinywhite tinyfreshwater tinypearl tinywith tinygold tinyvermeil tinydaisy tinyspacer tinycrown tinyon tiny14k tinygold-filled tinyspring tinyring tinyclasp. tinyThis tinysweet tinylittle tinycharm tinyis tinythe tinyperfect tinyaccent tinyfor tinyany tinybracelet tinyor tinynecklace! tinyPearls tinyattune tinythe tinywearer tinyto tinyebb tinyand tinyflow tinyof tinylife. tinyThey tinyare tinycalming tinyand tinycentering. tinyThey tinygive tinypurity tinyand tinypromote tinyfaith, tinycharity, tinyand tinyintegrity, tinytruth tinyand tinyloyalty. tinyThey tinyespecially tinyenhance tinypersonal tinyintegrity. tinyThey tinyhelp tinyone tinyconnect tinywith tinyher tinyfeminine tinyenergy tinyand tinybring tinylove tinyenergy.Please tinyconvo tinyme tinywith tinyany tinyquestions.

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