Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

scarf pin, The mattie pewter round Renaissance magnetic scarf pin adds a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.



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The pinsmattie pinspewter pinsround pinsRenaissance pinsmagnetic pinsscarf pinspin pinsadds pinsa pinstouch pinsof pinselegance pinsto pinsyour pinswardrobe.The pinslead pinsfree pinspewter pinsbutton pinsfront pinsis pinsabout pins1" pinsin pinsdiameter.Set pinswith pinsa pinssuper pinsstrong pinsmagnetic pinsit pinssits pinsperfectly pinson pinsyour pinstighter pinsweave pinsscarves, pinslapels, pinsdresses pinsshirts, pinsetc. pinswithout pinsruining pinsyour pinsfabric.Thanks,BenitaPlease pinskeep pinsmagnets pinsaway pinsfrom pinspacemakers, pinschildren pinsand pinspets.Thanks!

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