Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dichroic glass, Handmade fused dichroic glass necklace.



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Handmade fused glassfused fused glassdichroic fused glassglass fused glasspendant fused glasswith fused glasshues fused glassof fused glasspurples, fused glasspinks fused glassand fused glassoranges fused glasson fused glassan fused glass18" fused glassmufti-stringed fused glasssilver fused glasscolored fused glassnecklace. fused glassThe fused glasspendant fused glassis fused glassapproximately fused glass1 fused glass1/2" fused glassin fused glasslength fused glassand fused glass9/16" fused glassat fused glassits fused glasswidest fused glasspoint.

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